Laser Tube Not Firing, Diagnostics

Monport Laser Tube Not Firing, Diagnostics:





1)     Is the laser switch or key in the on position?

2)     Are the lights and fan on the power supply on?
Is the fan turning?
Is the PS set to 110V?

3)     Is the cover to the work area closed? Do you hear a clicking sound from the switch when you close the cover? If no, you may need to check the position of the switch so that it is depressed when the lid is closed, or cover it with a magnet. If this switch is not in the closed position, the laser will not fire and you will get a protection error on the controller.

4)     Is the emergency stop button pushed in? Lasers are shipped with the estop activated. Turn the knob until the button pops out.


1)      Turn off the machine and unplug the green 6 gang control line plug (and ethernet if equipped) from the power supply.

2)     Turn on the machine and press the red test button to manually fire the laser. If this fires the laser, the problem is on the control line and you will need a service call by a technician. If the laser does not fire, move on to the next steps.

Hardwire Diagnostics:

NOTE: Remove the 6-gang plug from the power supply and take a photo of the wiring. Next remove all the wires from the plug.

Test 1: Water protection hardwire test.
Plug the 6 gang plug back in and short circuit the P & G terminals with a short wire.

(Some machines may say WP & G) Power on the machine and press test again. If the laser fires, the water protection switch is not working.

If the laser did not fire:

Test 2: With the laser powered off, short circuit TL & G (or L & G) and power on the machine to check for laser light.

NOTE: This procedure will fire the laser at 100% power, so make sure you have a thick piece of wood under the laser head to absorb the laser light and you only power it on for one or two seconds.

If you see a burn mark on the wood, the laser has fired and we have determined the issue is with the control board.

Control board issues require an on-site visit by a technician.


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