CW-5000/ 5200 Industrial Chiller - Advanced Settings & Custom Use

Monport CW-5000/ 5200 Industrial Chiller
T503/T504 Controllers

Advanced Settings & Custom Use


Mode 1: Intelligent mode: +- 5 degrees of ambient temp (Factory setting)
Mode 0: Constant mode - maintain 5 degree set swing

The maximum allowed temperature settings are 20-30C (68 to 86F)
The factory setting is 25 - 23-25C (73.4 to 77F)
The working ambient room temperature for these chillers is 10C to 40C (50F to 104F)



* If you are in a high humidity area and you see condensation on the chiller or the water lines, the water temperature in the chiller must be raised.
   Failure to do so may result in the Co2 tube shorting down!
* You must clean the air filter regularly to maintain proper air flow.
Make sure there are no obstructions within one foot of the chiller for proper air flow.


The T504 intelligent temperature controller is shipped from the factory in intelligent mode (Mode 1) with a factory setting for the water temperature at 25 degrees Celsius (73.4F).
The T503 and T504 controllers have the same functions except the factory parameter settings are slightly different.


LED Lights & Panel:


LED ON: Set to intelligent mode
LED OFF: Set to user temperature control mode
FLASHING: Displaying the room temperature

LED ON: Compressor is running
LED FLASHING: Energy Saving Mode – Laser not in use.

During an alarm state, the error code and temperature will flash alternately on the screen.
Press any button to suspend the alarm. The screen will continue to flash.


E1: High room temperature
E2: High water temperature
E3: Low water temperature
E4: Room temperature sensor failure
E5: Water temperature sensor failure

To change modes:

Hold up arrow and set button for 5 seconds until display says 0
Press the up arrow (password) to the number and press set
Scroll up to temp control mode, F3 and press set 2 times
Mode 1 is intelligent mode (factory preset)
Mode 0 is 5-degree constant user setting)

To change to mode 0, press the down arrow key and then press set, and then press reset to finish.

With the power switch turned on, the circulation pump of the chiller will start working.
The first time the system is turned on, air bubbles in the pipe may lead to an occasional flow alarm, but after a few minutes of run time, it should go into normal operation mode.


Other settings:

Hold up arrow and set button together for 5 seconds until display says 0
Press the up arrow (password) to the number 8 and press set
Scroll to the appropriate setting
NOTE: you must already be in Mode 0 to affect changes

F0: Temperature setting
F1: Temperature difference, from -15 to +5 – Factory setting is -2
F2: Compressor operation, from 0.1 to 3.0 – Factory setting is 0.8 on the T-503 & 0.1 on the T504
F3: Mode Setting, 0 or 1, Factory setting is 1 on the T-503 (0 on the T504)
F4: High Water Temp, 1 to 20 degrees, Factory setting is 10
F5: Low Water Temp, 1 to 20 degrees, Factory setting is 15
F6: High Room Temp, 40 to 50 degrees, Factory setting is 45
F7: Password, from 00 to 99, Factory setting is 8
F8: Highest Water Temp Allowed, F0 to 40, Factory setting is 30
F9: Lowest Water Temp Allowed, 1 to F0, Factory setting is 20


Customer Troubleshooting:

No power:

* Check the fuse on the rear of the unit.
* Check for power at the wall plug

Flow Alarm:

(LED Constantly Lit, no water flowing)
* Water level in the reserve tank is low
* A water line is kinked preventing water flow

Attach a water line from the inlet to outlet ports on the rear of the machine and turn the machine on.
If the alarm stops, there is a kink in the water line inside your laser.
Trace the water lines to find the kink and restore circulation.

* Debris is blocking the water line.
Remove and inspect the water lines on the laser for flow.


Ultra-High Temp Alarm:

* Exceeding the working high ambient room temperature of 40C (104F). Reduce the ambient temp via AC.
* Clogged air filter – remove and clean the filter.
* Poor ventilation – ensure there is proper air flow around the chiller. One foot or more of clearance.
* Unstable voltage – plug the chiller into another circuit.
* Incorrect Parameter Settings – restore the factory settings.
* Equalization time – Allow at least five minutes for the temperature to equalize.
* Excessive heat – Reduce the run time on the laser, give the chiller time to catch up.


The working ambient room temperature for these chillers is 10C to 40C (50F to 104F).
The chiller is designed to turn off via a protection circuit if operating outside this temperature range.


This document was prepared by Monport USA LA Technical Support, by Rich Faraone, The Louisiana Hobby Guy LLC.
It is designed as an aide for end-user problem solving. Monport & The Louisiana Hobby Guy LLC take no responsibility for the content, use or misuse of this document or user error resulting in hardware failure or any other consequence.

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